Monday on The Chad Hasty Show Scott Braddock, editor of Quorum Reportjoined Chad to discuss some of the latest news in Texas.

Braddock and Hasty talked about Hasty's earlier interview on Monday with Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick, which covered Patrick's explanation of his position on expanded background checks for firearms purchasers, which has caused major consternation among conservatives in the state of Texas.

While talking about the perception of Patrick's explanation and how it is playing with GOP voters, Braddock said, "The grassroots, you're hearing from them on the radio, you're seeing it online. They're not happy with what the Lt. Gov is saying, at all."

Braddock continued,

I was told that when the Texas Senate GOP caucus had a conference call about this...they were asked, 'What could you support, as far as gun control?' None of them could think of anything. Because, we know that the grassroots are not for that. And it's because they've been told by the NRA and by radio talk show hosts, etc. over the years that if you do anything on gun control, it will mean that the next thing that happens is, everybody's gun gets taken away...Whether it's true or not, that's what Patrick's base believes. And so when he goes on the radio and tries to say that's not going to happen, they don't believe him, because he's one of the people who's been saying it for years.

Listen to the entire interview with Scott Braddock in the video above.

Scott Braddock is a journalist and political analyst based in Austin, Texas, and is Editor of the Quorum Report. Braddock appears on The Chad Hasty Show Monday's at 10:05 a.m. during the Texas Legislative Session.

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