2nd Amendment

Abbott Signs Texas Constitutional Carry Legislation
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed major gun legislation into law on Wednesday. House Bill 1927, also known as Texas Constitutional Carry or permitless carry, was signed by Abbott on Wednesday and will go into effect on September 1.
Beginning September 1, Texans 21 years old and older who are legally …
Biden's Attacks On 2nd Amendment Rights
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on The Chad Hasty Show discussing President Biden's attacks on Second Amendment rights, the national security, humanitarian and public health crisis on the southern border, and the massive infrastructure spending bill.
Congratulations To Joe Biden, Top Gun Salesman Of March
I’m beginning to think that President Joe Biden has a hidden talent for sales. For years, former President Barack Obama was known as the top gun salesman, but Biden might just be a better salesman for guns. According to the Washington Examiner, for the second time in three months, th…
Biden Would Much Rather Focus On Gun Control Than The Border
Remember when the media was starting to talk about the crisis along the United States-Mexico border?
Joe Biden is dealing with a crisis of his own doing on the United States-Mexico Border. Not only have Republicans noticed but the Democrats and their national news allies have as well...
Is The NRA Wrong?
Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick on The Chad Hasty Show discussing the possibility of implementing expanded background checks for firearms sales and purchases.

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