Blue Origin, the private-sector spaceflight company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, successfully completed a test flight of it's launch vehicle and capsule 'New Shepard' yesterday.

The system's launch from the Blue Origin facility near Van Horn, Texas, and the recovery of the capsule was successful, though the return of the rocket booster did not go as planned after separation from the capsule.

The flight was unmanned, though the capsule is designed to eventually carry up to six passengers. Blue Origin's goal for the system is to carry space tourists on sub-orbital flights, though starting dates for those flights are not yet scheduled.

Blue Origin is only one of several companies working to bring safe and reliable spaceflight to the private sector. The company is also working on a larger version of the New Shepard capsule that will be capable of orbital flight, with the potential ability to dock with the International Space Station.

A fantastic video of preparations for the launch and the flight itself is available at the Blue Origin website. For more information on the flight, read a article here.

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