A local blogger is behind bars after reportedly violating a criminal trespass order.

Clifton Darrel Burnett, generally known as Clif Burnett, was arrested prior to Thursday evening’s Lubbock City Council meeting at City Hall.

Burnett was issued criminal trespass warnings on Lubbock City Hall and the Lubbock County Courthouse in January of 2011.

The orders came after Burnett posted two pieces of what he called “graphic fiction” on his blog, involving gunmen that began shooting at a Lubbock City Council meeting and a Lubbock County Commissioners meeting.

Burnett removed the postings from his blog, titled “Lubbock County Register” a short time later.

A blog posted around five hours before the 60-year-old’s arrest said that “This editor has been under stress inflicted by Lubbock County, City of Lubbock, my “evil family” not to mention UMC, City of Shallowater and Shallowater ISD.”

He continued, saying “LCR will not be the same but it could be more interesting. That remains to be seen.”

Lubbock Police presence inside Lubbock City Hall increased following Burnett’s postings.

He happened to arrive at City Hall on the same evening that members of Lubbock law enforcement's honor guards were in attendance. Burnett was identified and taken into custody before the Council's regular meeting began.

Burnett has been charged with criminal trespassing, and is being held in the Lubbock County Jail on $750 bond.