On Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Ben Ferguson, host of "The Ben Ferguson Show," and political contributor to FOX News, joined Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew to discuss the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Ferguson said that at this year's DNC, the Democrats would probably not talk about their record and would instead focus their energies on slamming the Republicans and their candidate Mitt Romney. Ferguson said that it's very important people pay attention to the facts while watching the DNC this week.

"Are we in trouble with the rest of the world on our foreign policy? I would say yes. Are we mortgaging our children's future? Absolutely. Is this President adding more debt than any other President in history? Yeah."

Ferguson also talked about Bill Clinton and his upcoming DNC speech. Ferguson said the the Democrats love Bill Clinton since he reminds them of the "good old days," when the Democratic party didn't have a massive debt hanging over their heads. He predicts the Clinton will give a good, partisan speech, and wasn't surprised that Clinton wouldn't let the Obama administration see his speech before the convention.

Ferguson also compared the DNC speakers to last week's Republican National Convention (RNC) speakers, saying that the RNC speakers were appealing to a younger crowd and gave a new, fresh face to the Republican party.

For more information on “The Ben Ferguson Show,” visit his website at benfergusonshow.com.

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