Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the Editor of the Quorum Report Scott Braddock joined Dave and Matt to talk about Governor Abbott, defunding or reforming the police, the Austin City Police Department's budget, unemployment benefits, the DNC and Texas representation, and more.

Braddock started the discussion by talking about Governor Abbott's attempt to shut down any movement that would try to defund police by looking to representatives to create something that would penalize cities that attempted to do so. Braddock said that defunding police might be a bit more of an extreme take, with most democrats not even agreeing with the idea, but as far as just reforming police, he thinks that you could even get a lot of republicans who could agree with the idea, even if it is just being careful with how they spend tax dollars, and cutting some fat. When considering specifically defunding police, Braddock said,

I think the idea that you want to push back on defunding the police, I get that. Because, let me tell you, from a political standpoint, if the frame for it is 'defunding the police', that is something that is wildly unpopular in rural Texas and suburban Texas.

Scott went on to say that a lot of the details on Abbott's idea are pretty vague and a bit sketchy, going on to say that there have even been theories that this was an attempt to divert attention from his response to COVID-19, and that Abbott may be trying to appeal to more people.

Braddock also discussed several other issues concerning Texas such as Austin removing millions of dollars from their police department budget, Texas unemployment trying to add an additional $300 to the unemployment benefits while other states are trying to add $400, public safety in Austin, and there being a lot of Texas representation at the DNC, both by political figures and prominent Texans.


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