"My name is Dana Beers and I'm looking for a college to root for, for the rest of my life."

That opening line, and the Panhandlers singing "West Texas in My Eye," is an electric opening for this video and indicative of the trip Beers had to Lubbock.

In the video, Beers and his buddy, Glenny Balls, get a tour of the Texas Tech football facilities and then head to a tailgate to drink beers and be amongst the people. Balls drops the line, "Lubbock is f***ing sick." I agree, Balls.

During the game, Beers is all of us Red Raiders living and dying by Texas Tech's success and failures. When the Red Raiders are lining up to kick the FG in overtime to beat the Longhorns, he says, "If they hit this kick I'm going to throw a Horns Down right in Bevo's face."

Then, he did just that. The alternate angle to that epic moment was great to see.

I'm not going to point out the unfortunate moment of Beers falling face-first out of the stands when he was rushing the field because that wouldn't be cool of me.

All in all I'm glad that Dana Beers loved his visit to Lubbock and am grateful that the atmosphere of a Texas Tech game looked so awesome in his video. The Beers experience has, at the very least, provided massive engagement for the Texas Tech football program in a pivotal part of the Joey McGuire Era where the program was in desperate need of a perception revamp.

Enter: Dana Beers.

To close the video, Beers says, "What's next, Cincinnati?" Then comes to the quick realization that Cincinnati has zero shot to top what Texas Tech and Lubbock just brought for stop number one of the tour.

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