The horns down is an art form. Before we get to the epic horns down, let's talk about who the hell Dana Beers is.

Beers is a Barstool Sports personality who's known for drinking beer. Hence the nickname, Dana Beers. He's a gritty underdog in the world of Barstool who continually overachieves despite the odds stacked against him. Sounds familiar, right?

Beers has had incredible highs at Barstool, the highest of which was his run with the Zillion beers merch which caught the world by storm. His latest venture was born on a livestream while he was discussing his love for college sports. Somebody asked who his favorite team was and he didn't have an answer. That started his journey to find a team.

He started with about 20 schools, and Texas Tech flew to the top of the power rankings when Beers dropped a hype video and it blew up. Texas Tech Football Head Coach Joey McGuire responded and invited Beers to campus for an official visit.

That's when the Dana Beers Super Senior Selection Tour was born.

Beers' first official visit to a college game this season happened over the weekend in Lubbock. He immediately fell in love with the atmosphere around the Red Raiders and the Longhorns.

Saying Texas Tech felt like home.

Inside the stadium, at game time, things got even better.

He made friends on the concourse.

Drank beers amongst the people.

This isn't the best horns down, but it's pretty damn good and started the comeback that saw Texas Tech score an unanswered 17 points to take the lead in the 4th quarter.

He continued the comeback with a beer tweet.

If you're somehow unaware, Texas Tech beat the Longhorns with a field goal in overtime and the fans rushed the field. Among the fans was the ultimate man of the people, Dana Beers. After he got onto the field, he ran immediately to the Texas Longhorns cheerleaders and threw an epic horns down in the mascot's face.

After the horns down, he celebrated with the people.

He also proved himself to be a role model for children.

After the game, the people were asking if Beers had committed yet. Lubbock Mayor Tray Payne chimed in to see if he could help cement the commitment.

Beers alluded to committing immediately if Coach McGuire extended an official offer.

In the meantime, Dana Beers enjoyed being amongst the people.

Dana Beers will continue his tour across the college football country, but in my opinion, September 24th in Lubbock, Texas will be incredibly tough to top.

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