On the Wednesday edition of Lubbock's First News, Dr. Clark Downey, owner of Aspen Dental, advised everyone, but particularly older adults, to get their teeth checked out and cared for.

In the spirit of May being National Aging Americans Month, Downey discussed dental care for older adults. He noted that 40% of older uninsured adults haven't been to dentist in last five years or more, often because of financial strain or transportation is a challenge. Regarding problems related to inattention to dental health, Downey said, "The mouth is truly, I always say, the gateway to the body." He said that cavities can get to nerves and lead to more extensive problems, poor dental health can make diabetes or heart issues difficult to care for. Often, putting off dental problems can lead to more costly issues later on.

Because dental care is expensive, Aspen dental offers alternative payment options and ways to finance for those that don't have insurance. However, he pointed to their partners, Oral Health American, who help with dental health education and help locate local methods of achieving free or more affordable dental care.

More information can be found at www.aspendental.com.

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