Congressman Jodey Arrington spoke out after the U.S. House voted to begin an "impeachment inquiry" against President Trump.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, Arrington called the process "phony" and that Thursday was a "sad day for our country."

“Today was a sad day for our country. We now have round two of this phony impeachment process that’s purely political, not based in fact, and not based in the pursuit of truth and justice. There’s no openness, there’s no fairness, and there’s really no credibility,” said Arrington.  


“This is a phony process – no matter how you dress it up. We’re allowing this institution to be degraded, we are making a mockery out of this chamber and the serious business of this country and the serious nature of impeachment. The claim that this president has committed a high crime, treason, or impeachable offense is absurd. From the outset, this has been a baseless claim.”


“This process is purely political and aimed not at truth and justice, but at a distraction from what’s not happening on trade, on prescription drugs, and a whole host of things that we have to address if we’re going to have a real impact on our fellow countrymen and to move this country forward. It’s a distraction from the socialist policies that have been advanced through this chamber that have no chance of having any real effect on mainstream America, and I think, ultimately, it’s to discredit this president.”


“Instead of actually doing battle for hearts and minds the old-fashioned way in the public squares and at the ballot box, they’re doing it by weaponizing this serious constitutional provision of impeachment.”


“So, I say to my fellow Americans: this isn't about truth and justice. This is about fear and hate – hate for our president and for what he stands, for his agenda, and fear that they can't beat him at the ballot box. History will judge cruelly those who participated in this instead of doing it the old-fashioned American way – house to house, in the neighborhoods, in the public squares and at the ballot box. God save our great country. God help us all if this political railroad job and farce continues any longer.”

Arrington also spoke on the House floor after the vote which you can watch below.

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