Lubbock Police say that a brawl was broken up by a man with a gun in the Wendy's drive-thru in the 2400 block of 19th Street.

KAMC News reports that the incident happened just a few minutes after midnight Wednesday.

Apparently, the incident began when one of the suspects didn't receive part of her order. She then demanded a free drink due to the inconvenience, but the employee said no.

Security footage shows the suspect and victim arguing and the suspect raising her hands towards the victim, but the victim appears to have struck first.

The victim claims the suspect approached the window on foot and began assaulting them. Two other employees attempted to keep the victim from being pulled out of the window, and one was struck in the face.

An unknown person in the drive-thru pulled out their gun and told the suspects to leave the employees alone.

Police have yet to identify the suspects, employees, or person with a gun.

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