The topic of school uniforms seems to pop up every year and while students have mixed reviews, parents seem to be big fans. According to, more and more schools are going to uniforms or standardized dress.

Parents are supporters of standardized dress say uniforms make students equal and they are actually cheaper than buying regular school clothes.

More and more schools in Lubbock I.S.D. could be looking at making a change to standardized dress.

“The cost,” Vogeler said. “I think this year I spent a total of $290 for uniforms.”

$290 is a lot of money for single mom Cheyanna Vogeler; especially when it comes to buying clothes.

“There are other ways to express yourself other than clothing,” Vogeler said.

Vogeler is a supporter of standardized dress.

She does not want her nine year old daughter judged because she can not afford to buy her name brand clothes.

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