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And now, Exhibit A in our series of "Stuff That Will Keep You Up at Night."

There are literally thousands of places to explore here in West Texas. Palo Duro Canyon, Lake Alan Henry, the service bays at the old Reagor-Dykes dealership, for example.

However, we may have found the one place that even the bravest souls in West Texas may think twice about.

This is the Clarity Tunnel, located at Caprock Canyon State Park in Quitaque in Briscoe County, Texas. It's an old railroad tunnel that hikers and bikers have been exploring for some time. Seems fairly non-threatening, right?

Well, imagine exploring this dark tunnel and suddenly feeling the icy stare of eyes upon you. Not nervous yet? Well, how about HALF A MILLION beady pairs of rodent eyes, ready to fly blindly towards you at a moment's notice?

Photo by Pavan Krishna on Unsplash
Photo by Pavan Krishna on Unsplash

In summer, the tunnel is also home to one of the largest concentrations of bats in the southwest. Over 500,000 bats make their home inside the tunnel. As seen in the video above, when they leave to hunt, it's an awesome sight. The best time to visit Clarity Tunnel is during the summer months, between April and October, when the bats take shelter from the heat of the day and make the tunnel home.

I'm a bit skittish around these guys, so I did not need to see this coming at me. Or this:


I'm really not sure which one will create more nightmares, but I'm kind of leaning towards The Bat-usi.

If you're inclined to explore more Bat-tabulous locations throughout the State of Texas, the Google map below is a great option.

It's Joker-Approved...


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