Lubbock supermarkets have been looking a bit low on toilet paper recently, which only begs the question whether or not people in town are hoarding toilet paper again. For the love of all things holy, please, only buy what you actually need. You're being a total jerk.

One of the saddest parts of the different ridiculous toilet paper shortages we've had over the course of the pandemic is reading about elderly men and women not being able to buy toilet paper for themselves. When you go in there and fill your entire basket with toilet paper, not only do you look like a moron, you actually have an impact on the lives of those around you.

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I would imagine that the exact same people that rob our stores blind of toilet paper are the same people who think horse dewormer cures COVID-19. It's a special kind of stupid that you may not have known existed until politics surrounding the pandemic had us scratching our heads at one another. You guys are truly the worst. Your complete and utter lack of caring for your fellow man is astounding.

Please, guys, leave the toilet paper alone. You are being so ridiculous. When I see you at Walmart, I'll honestly point and laugh at you. Loudly. In front of everyone. I can't help it anymore. Your bizarre behavior is driving the sane people in the world completely bonkers, and you're making us all look like idiots.

You don't need 400 rolls of toilet paper on a Thursday. Cool your jets.

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