One of the things most of us have to do is eat fast food. Sometimes we're in a hurry, or we just don't feel like cooking or sitting down to a formal meal somewhere else.

But one thing I noticed this weekend was the level of rude fast food workers in Lubbock.

I wound up at three fast food restaurants between Friday night and Sunday night, and I was not expecting to be treated badly three different times.

I understand that this is not a glamorous line of work -- hey, I did it in the mid 90s to help make ends meet, so I have been there and done that. But being rude because you're having a bad day is something I question. Even when I'm having a bad day, I can still be civil.

The worst of the three weekend incidents occurred when I asked for an unsweet tea with my meal at an unnamed burger establishment. (Yes, I know, not very southern of me, but I digress.) When I pointed out, in a polite manner, that I got a sweet tea and asked for unsweet, I was told:

You didn't say that. I heard you say sweet and you should have paid attention to the screen outside.

I looked at the young lady funny, then pulled my receipt out that said UNSWEET TEA and showed it to her, all while maintaining my composure.

She wasn't trying to hear it. In fact, she refused to remake it at all. I asked for a manager, who couldn't care less. Did I get my tea? Yes, after I parked, went inside, made it myself and was told to leave because "refills are for dine-in customers only!"

Even after I reminded the manager that they screwed up, he still didn't care. That's what customer surveys on receipts are for, I guess. And they got a bad one.

From Time:

If you find that you’re treated rudely when you patronize a store or other business, don’t take it personally: A new study finds that one-third of consumers say they experience disrespectful treatment once a month. This uncivil behavior hurts companies’ profits as well as customers’ feelings,

My feelings weren't hurt; I was just annoyed that I paid for something that I didn't get. I did reach out to a district manager, who actually told me that they've been having customer service issues at that location and invited me back. I declined. I would rather spend my money somewhere that I feel wanted instead of being a burden.

I understand this is a tough business, with long hours -- or not enough hours -- and low pay, but why take it out on me? What did I do to you? All I wanted is what I ordered.

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