The school year has begun for students in Lubbock and the surrounding areas. That means many students are heading back into the classrooms across the South Plains, while others will be learning from home. It also means some families will have an easier time with their own work and maybe even return to the office.

Brenda Garcia, corporate dietitian for the United Family of stores joined me today to discuss different healthy snacks and lunch tips that are good at home and on the go.

Garcia encouraged listeners to visit to get all types of ideas for back to school time. Last week, Garcia talked about different snack ideas and meal ideas that were quick and easy. One of those ideas was the snack called Split. It's a pouch that has peanut butter on one side, and grape jelly on the other. It's really tasty and can be a great snack to go.

This week Garcia talked about tuna. Garcia said canned or packaged tuna is too often overlooked, but you can eat it right out of the can or package. Tune is a great source of protein and it's very inexpensive. Another great thing about canned and packaged tuna? It lasts a long time. At, Garcia says there are some great tuna dishes to try including Tuna Melt Bites.

Listen to the full interview above with Brenda Garcia from United Supermarkets to get more great tips about back to school and even back to work snacks that are delicious and healthy for everyone.

Also don't forget to visit for more details.

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