First of all, you guys rock.

The guys always look prepared.

That being said, the throwback uniforms are so much better than the ones that are used in the normal rotation. Please make the "throwbacks" the full-time uniforms.

Texas Tech's color scheme is the best in sports. You literally cannot mess up scarlet and black. The throwback usage of the triple stripe makes them absolutely classic, but Under Armour's rendition makes that classic look so modern.

It's a perfect uniform.

I know there has been a lot of talk about the flat/proper/original Double T logo, but here's the deal, these uniforms would look good regardless of the logo on the helmet.

We've seen these uniforms with black helmets. Keep that, but use either the beveled 3-d logo or the throwback logo. Both are beautiful in their own ways. The black helmet should be the standard though. If you want to wear a white helmet there is always the Carlen Era helmet with the stars.

The jersey has been seen in both black and white. The home is black. The road is white. That's all we need. I'm trying to make your life easier really.

The pants are available in black, white, red, and gray. Go crazy.

I don't hate the current uniform, but it's just... ok.

I'll be specific, the red of the helmet stripe clashes when you wear red on the uniform.

Getty Images / Josh Hedges
Getty Images / Josh Hedges

The chrome and matte uniform just don't jive to me. There's also the incredibly wide single stipe on the pants that is made up of the two school colors that aren't the pant's color. Not a fan.

West Virginia v Texas Tech
Getty Images

The final thing is that shoulder. It's just the front shoulder stripe from the previous iteration of the uniform, but now it's on the side and behind the Double-T. It makes it nearly impossible to make out the Double-T at all.

The bottom line, regardless of the past or present Double-T, the classic look of the throwback uniform should be the full-time look for the Red Raiders now and forever.

The Recent History of Under Armour and Texas Tech's Throwbacks

The Red Raiders have been wearing Under Armour throwback uniforms since 2014 when they debuted against Arkansas. The Red Raiders are 4-5 in the throwbacks with various combinations used in the past eight seasons. They've also excelled at showing the throwback savvy in Basketball in recent seasons.

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