On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News Ambassador Tibor Nagy jr., vice provost of international affairs at Texas Tech University, told LFN's Tom Collins and Laura Mac thsat he believes the governments of the African nations being affected by the Ebola Virus outbreak are incapable of handling the situation by themselves.

"it's time for a real international effort," Nagy said. "It's all well and nice to say there is Liberian sovereignty, or Sierra Leonian sovereignty, but the governments are incapable . They cannot deal with it. You need to have somebody that can deal with it lead and international effort."

Nagy, believes the United States can and should be part of the effort but that other partner nations and allies should also step up and help organizations like the United Nations and World Health Organization take control of  dealing with the deadly epidemic.

Nagy said it is highly impractical to close American airports to travel from West Africa because it would require a complete shut down including travel to Europe and Asia as well.

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