I've stated before, you do you.

I'm actually not that concerned with how you conduct yourself. If I had to get on an airplane right now, I'd put on an N95 mask. An airplane, next to a completely unvented room, should be the last place you want to "exercise your rights."

Where I do have a problem is when people question the science behind decisions like this. The what about-isms and other idiotic straw men arguments don't follow simple, basic science.

Wearing a mask in an airplane is about mitigating the virus spread. Nothing is 100 percent perfect. Nothing. Unfortunately, as humans we have to eat and drink, so yes, that happens because it has to happen. No, you're not safer because you're eating and drinking; it's just accepted that for some, it's necessary.

I also saw the comparison between 50,000 people at a ball game and 300 in an airplane. The difference is airflow. I cannot quote a figure, but I personally would rather face the crowd at an outside football game than the recycled air in a plane. At this point, I'd recommend you spray any substance in the air and time how long it takes to get to the ground, then do the same thing in front of a fan. In fact, I think most of you are smart enough that you can just visualize it in your mind. The airflow is the difference.

Let's also keep in mind the idea that those of us who are worried about it can just wear masks. That's true, and that's the option that I'd go with, but the flight attendants didn't sign on to be exposed multiple times a day by passengers who are acting like toddlers.

We should also mention that the airlines are packing in passengers, and that's something they have to do to stay financially viable. Therefore, they rely on smaller efforts, like masks, to mitigate the spread of this terrible disease.

Then again, as I said at the top, you do you, but don't pretend that these decisions weren't made using the currently available science. In other words, just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it isn't true.

I'll be glad when all of our masks are pushed to the back of the sock drawer, but an airplane is very close to the last place you ever want to be mask-free.

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