A family in Texas finally has answers after a cold case was cracked earlier this month.

Kimberly Langwell went missing on July 9, 1999 in Beaumont, Texas. At the time, she was 34 years old and had called her daughter about meeting her for dinner. That dinner meeting that was supposed to happen at 6:30pm, never happened. Authorities later found her car, but there was no trace of Kimberly Langwell. She had vanished.

According to Newsweek, new information in the cold case recently came in and led investigators to Langwell's ex-boyfriend's home. Authorities executed a search warrant and Newsweek reported that authorities searched the home beginning on a Tuesday and then on Thursday, Beaumont Police announced that they had located human remains in the driveway. That led to the arrest of Terry Rose, Langwell's ex-boyfriend who is now 67 years old.

On Thursday, they began breaking up concrete in Rose's front yard, using penetrating radar and cadaver dogs to assist in the search.

Under the driveway, detectives found human remains and cops arrested Rose, 67, on suspicion of murder.

While the remains have yet to formally be identified, officers believe they are Langwell. According to Newsweek, the night she disappeared and was supposed to meet her daughter for dinner, she was supposed to stop by Rose's home beforehand. While police long-suspected Rose, they never had hard evidence. Earlier this year investigators got a tip that Langwell was killed at the home.

Rose is being held on a $1 million dollar bond in Jefferson County Jail.

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