Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Adryana Aldeen, Special Advisor on Hispanic Engagement to the Chair of the Republican Party of Texas, joined Chad in the KFYO studio to talk about her role in the Republican Party and in the Hispanic community.

Aldeen and Hasty discussed the many ways that Latinos have been misled by the Democrat Party using identity politics and the rote demonization of Republicans and President Trump, and what is being done educate Hispanics about what actually is in their best interest, and truly aligns with their own, and the country's, beliefs and values.

"My roots are Mexican, yes, but I am proudly an American and the American flag is my flag. I love this country, I love the constitution," Aldeen said speaking about her own background.

While describing the values of most Hispanics, and how they are being used by liberals through identity politics, Aldeen said, "I've been working hard to educated and empower the Latino community with the values that make us an exceptional country. And really, most of the Latino community, most of the Hispanics are conservative."

Aldeen continued, saying,

At the end of the day, [the Democrat Party] betrayed the Hispanic community, in many regards to in regard to taxes, in regard to health care, in regard to education, and even in regards to their false promises on immigration reform.

You may listen to the entire interview with Adryana Aldeen in the video above. You may also follow her on Twitter: @AdryanaAldeen

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