Lubbock has a lot of really great restaurants, and we're adding more every day. The quality is skyrocketing, too. But there are still some great Texas restaurants that I would love to have here in our home town.

To be fair, these are all Texas-based or homed restaurants. They might be in other locales, but they started here; they just haven't made it to Lubbock yet. So in no particular order, here are five great restaurants we need in the Hub City.

Which Texas restaurant would you like to see come to Lubbock? Let us know in the comments.

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    The Houston-born, high quality seafood restaurant is just phenomenal. Of course it has the price to match, but it's worth it. You can find Landry's in the four major metros, and hopefully one here soon. Although I doubt it.

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    Dave and Buster's

    Dave and Buster's based out of Dallas is a gamer's dream. The newest and biggest games in the arcade, a bar and really great food. We have the 50th Street Caboose which is fun and more family friendly, but Dave and Buster's is a whole new level.

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    The Pappa Restaurants

    Started in Houston by the Greek Pappa Brothers, the line of Pappa restaurants fits every taste. Pappadeaux for seafood, Pappasitas for Mexican, even Pappas Burgers for, well, burgers. Bonus: you'll always find them all right next to each other.

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    Roman's Macaroni Grill

    Although I don't actually know how you grill macaroni, Romano's is world class Italian.

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    Uncle Julio's

    While I truly believe we have one of the best Mexican restaurants in the country with our own Lubbock-based Abuelo's, Uncle Julio's does a fantastic job, too.

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