I can't testify to what is the "best" in town. It seems that changes person to person and with so many choices, I surely have not visited them all. What I have for you is five that are always a good choice.

I've got a good selection of restaurants on this list from the very inexpensive to a bit more upscale. I'm sure there's a dozen more restaurants that belong on this list, but from my experience, if you're craving Mexican food and you're near one of these places, you should go ahead and drop in.

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    4401 82nd St.

    You know what I love most about Abuelo's? They never stop improving.

    They upped their salsa game (love the thingy with three types). They are constantly mixing it up on their menu. You can get as authentic as you want or you can get as Tex-Mex as you want. They are on the upper end of the price scale, but they never fail.

    Try looking at the menu online without wanting to immediately go there. They're at 82nd & Quaker, very conveniently by our radio station.

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    Taqueria Jalisco

    2211 Avenue Q.

    You want authentic? Well, this is your place. Taqueria Jalisco dishes up some hardcore Mexican food. Yeah, there's a little Tex-Mex in everything we do around here, but if you want some carnitas or street tacos, they are on point. You kind of get the feeling that you're in some Mexican mama's kitchen while you're there.

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    Anna's Mexican Restaurant

    6909 Indiana Ave.

    Anna's is my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant in Lubbock. They are mid-priced and always awesome. It's a bit weird that big old empty fountain in the middle of the room, but if you focus on the food, you'll love it. I usually get the "Don Juan" (but hey, I'm a lover). It's basically a smothered carne guisada burrito. For my money, they have the best salsa in town, too.

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    Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla Factory

    5020 Milwaukee Ave., 5103 82nd St.,4407 4th St., 3115 50th St.,

    Did you really think I'd leave Rosa's off the list? Rosa's walks a fine line between restaurant and fast food, but remember the name of this blog? It had the words "can't miss" in it. You can't miss with their sour cream enchiladas. When people say "Taco Tuesday," they mean Rosa's.

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    Leal's Tamale Factory and More

    6205 19th St.

    The best tamales ever. I'm not sure what else you need to know. I don't know what else I can say, because all I ever have is the tamales. They do carry a full menu, but I think you should get the tamales.


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