We're already excited about the next event.

Of course, the world is still weird as we wind through pandemic times. As for our part, we're still waiting for a reschedule on the 39th FMX Birthday Bash ft. In This Moment, even though we just had the 40th FMX Birthday Bash and our 41st birthday is coming up in January.

We just went "Out of This World" with the Lubbock Arts Festival in July. It was a tremendous event and, for my money, the first time the community really got together in the kinda-sorta post-pandemic world. Now comes word that the 44th Lubbock Arts Festival is booked.

The date for the next Lubbock Arts Festival will be April 9th-10th at the Lubbock Civic Center. Not only have they scheduled the event, but they've also announced that the theme is a celebration of the Red, White & Blue.

I think this is a great opportunity to show that while we may all be different, we're all united in our appreciation of the red, white & blue. I think a lot of this will take on an Americana/Folk Art kind of look and I really enjoy that. I would also say, don't put any limitations on the kind of art you'll expect though because the Lubbock Arts Festival is known for it's big suprises!

Some of the featured artists and special art exhibits were announced via a mailer which we were lucky enough to get. At the time of this printing, the Arts Festival webpage has not been updated with the latest information. As the mailer said, this is more of a "save the date" kind of reminder at this point.

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