Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave and Matt to talk about his test drive of the week and how it compares to several other SUVs in its class, the test drive he had before that, as well as other industry news.

This week The Car Pro was test driving the 2021 Chevy Trailblazer Subcompact SUV, an SUV that Jerry says falls right between the Chevy Trax, their smallest SUV, and the Chevy Equinox. Reynolds said that he is surprised that companies keep finding slots to fit new SUVs into, but with the ongoing SUV craze, they manage to do just that, and this Trailblazer really does fit right in. However, he does expect that at some point we will hit a saturation point for SUVs. This 2021 Trailblazer is a top of the line Rally Sport model. The car is a 5 passenger SUV, but Jerry says that you might be more comfortable with 4 adults. The car has a 1.3 liter 3 cylinder engine that Jerry was admittedly dreading, but to his surprise, it had plenty of power. Jerry said, "This thing performs well, and it's surprising." The car gets 30 miles to the gallon on the highway, has good cargo room, has 18 inch wheels, and has a nice red color with a black top. The Trailblazer has a window sticker price of $32,000, which Jerry says is quite affordable, especially with the rebates you could get on it.

Reynolds also talked about his test drive from the previous week, the Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle Minivan. This was a top of the line version, and an upscaled model. Jerry was very impressed with both the interior and exterior of the car, commenting on the exterior by saying that it looks less like a minivan, but still is very good looking, and saying that it has an amazing interior and that he's never seen anything like it. He posted plenty of photos of the interior at The minivan has a 3.6 liter v6 engine that performed very well and got decent gas millage. The car also has many features, and comes super loaded with several things, including lumbar support pillows that are not attached to the seats. Jerry said that it's quite strange, but that it just works and it feels like a pillow in your living room. The seats also fold down into the floor, easily allowing you to turn it from a minivan into a cargo van.

Finally, Reynolds talked about several stories on his website One such story is about the dangers of "puffing". Jerry describes puffing as a situation where you leave your keys in the car while its running, perhaps to run inside a store or to pay for gas, and warns that thieves are really watching for this kind of thing, especially during the winter where tailpipe smoke is easy to see, and are rushing in and stealing cars in a matter of seconds. Other stories on the website include the auto sales numbers for the entirety of 2020, as well as the best selling cars of the 4th quarter of 2020.


Read more stories at and watch the full interview with Jerry Reynolds in the video above.

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