With a large portion of the country shut down and people more or less stuck in their cities, it is not a great time for a vacation. Several states are starting to reopen businesses, but the tourism industry has taken a large hit, and many people will try their best to avoid crowds for a while. So, with everyone staying in one place, the personal-finance website WalletHub has compiled a list of the best and worst cities for a staycation.

WalletHub compared over 180 cities and have complied a list with 15 indicators for a fun, yet economical staycation. They used factors such as parks per capita as well as the average home square-footage, and the idealness of summer weather and have come up with their 10 best and 10 worst.


The list includes 16 Texas cities, such as Austin in the 9th spot, Grand Prarie in the 8th, Lubbock at 57, and even Plano in the number 1 spot.


Best Cities for StaycationsWorst Cities for Staycations
1. Plano, TX173. San Jose, CA
2. Boise, ID174. Oceanside, CA
3. Tampa, FL175. Stockton, CA
4. Charleston, SC176. Fremont, CA
5. Lincoln, NE177. Oxnard, CA
6. Fort Smith, AR178. Oakland, CA
7. Scottsdale, AZ179. Providence, RI
8. Grand Prairie, TX180. Warwick, RI
9. Austin, TX181. Chula Vista, CA
10. Orlando, FL182. Pearl City, HI


Some additional facts include New York City having the most parks per square root of population at 1.47, 23.9 times more than Hialeah, Florida with the fewest. San Francisco has the most bike rental facilities, as well as the most walking routes. and Fort Smith, Arkansas has the lowest average price of pizza.


Lubbock's Most Expensive Home of 2016


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