When it comes to popularity of street names in Texas, Second is actually first and Third is really second according to data from the U.S Census Bureau and Texas wasn't the only state where this was true.

According to AAA, the most common street name in the United State is Second Street. That's followed by Third Street and then First Street. Nationally, one would think that Main Street would come in first place, but instead Main Street is just the 7th most common name.

What Are The Most Common Street Names in Texas?

Texas, really isn't that different from the rest of the United States when it comes to the popularity of street names.

According to ExpressNews.com, 2nd Street is the most common street name found in Texas. That's followed by 3rd, then 1st. Oak street is the 4th most common name and Park street is 5th. Main Street is actually the 7th most common street name in Texas.

Streets named after trees are pretty common in Texas. As mention above, Oak Street is the 4th most common street name overall in the state. Pecan, Elm, Cedar, and Pine are all pretty common across Texas.

And apparently we also like naming streets after states. Not surprisingly, Texas is the most common street named after a state. Followed by Washington and then Virginia.

The database is from 2022 so some of the numbers may have shifted since then, but you can get more information here.

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Are you surprised by any of the most common street names in Texas?

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