Lubbock is one of those cities that a lot of people outside of Texas aren't familiar with. This leads to a slew of questions that seem obvious to those of us that live here, but anyone from out-of-town love to ask.

It is okay to ask questions if you are curious, but that doesn't mean the people in Lubbock that always hear the same questions won't get tired of it. Most of us will smile and answer as politely as possible while rolling our eyes and grumbling about it in our heads.

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For those of you that are new to Lubbock, or just met someone from here, then hopefully this will answer some of your questions. If you live here and have heard these questions before, then I hope you can relate.

Here are 14 questions that people living in Lubbock are tired of hearing all the time:

14 Questions People From Lubbock Are Tired of Hearing

Lubbock isn't the most well-known city, so out-of-towners tend to have a lot of questions about the Hub City. Here are 14 questions that people from Lubbock are tired of hearing.

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