On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, U.S. senate candidate Ted Cruz spoke to Chad and Rex about the current state of his campaign.

Cruz said that his campaign has gained incredible momentum after receiving an "enormous" endorsement from Governor Sarah Palin. Cruz also re-iterated that voters are tired of establish moderates and career politicians, and that Texas needs a strong conservative in the Senate.

Cruz said that the Senate race has essentially come down to 2 candidates: himself and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst. Cruz called out Dewhurst for lying about him in several of Dewhurst's political ads, and said that the attack ads by Dewhurst were nothing more than "smoke and mirrors."

"What Dewhurst is trying to do is the same thing Obama is doing in Washington: distract the voters from his record and my record. I think what the voters want to hear and deserve to hear is a comparison of Dewhurst's tax and spend record...and my record, standing and fighting for conservative principles."

Cruz also gave his thoughts on the war in Afghanistan, the IRS, attorney general Eric Holder, and an "honest" endorsement from the Austin-American Statesman.

For more information on Ted Cruz's campaign for U.S. Senate, visit his website at tedcruz.org.