On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, U.S. Senate candidate Ken Cope spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Senate and why he decided to challenge incumbent Senator John Cornyn.

Cope had some harsh criticism for Senator Cornyn, calling him a "seatwarmer" and arguing that he is not the big conservative fighter he claims to be. Cope added that many people are rightfully angry at Cornyn, and that the Senator had become disconnected from the people of Texas and has turned into another career politician.

"[Cornyn] has done nothing on immigration. He's done nothing about tax reform. So there are many examples [of being disconnected], and when you just throw in the campaign finance money, he's just a disaster as a leader. And that is what is coming through loud and clear. The people in Texas are feeling it. That's what they're articulating to me."

Cope added that Cornyn doesn't seem to understand that conservatives need to start fighting back now if they ever hope to regain control on the government.

Cope said that, if elected as Senator, one of the major issues he would tackle is Obamacare. He explained that the old health care system is gone and the new health care system isn't working, so now what the country needs in a market-driven fix without the government trying to interfere. Cope also said that the Senate has been far too soft on standing up for conservative issues, and that he intends to hold Obama as well as attorney general Eric Holder accountable to the Constitution.

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