On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Dr. Donald May, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 19, talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign for the House.

Concerning the recently passed Farm Bill, May said the bill was "OK" overall, but it did not address any of the real problems farmers face and is comprised over 80% food stamps and welfare. He added that welfare should never be a part of any bill, and that is he were in the U.S. House when it was passed, he would have been very vocal about stripping welfare from the Farm Bill. However, he also admitted that he would have voted in favor of the current Farm Bill.

May also said that he was in favor of term limits, but he did not specify how long those term limits should be. He also took several callers' question concerning constitutional conventions and how changes can be made the the constitution. May explained that, ultimately, the power of the constitution lies with the people, and to that end he would strive to be active and get the people informed every day he serves in office.

"The ultimate power resides with the people. As Jefferson said, 'The only safe repository of power is with the people.' And that's why when I get up there, you're going to see me on the floor of the house every day. I'm going to be confronting the President, confronting the problems, providing solutions, but in addition, more importantly is getting the people back home and across the country excited and moving, because it's the people who are going to have to change this."

For more information on Dr. Donald May and his campaign for U.S. House of Representatives, visit his website at mayfortexas.com.

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