Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller has been taking to Twitter in recent days to promote and defend Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Miller got the attention of social media when his Twitter account sent out a poll calling Hillary Clinton the "C-word".

According to the Dallas Morning News, Miller was referring to a poll from Pennsylvania and wrote out TRUMP 44 and C*** 43.

That tweet of course caught the attention of social media. The tweet was deleted and then a bit of confusion inside the Miller camp as first hacking was blamed, then a bad retweet from a staffer was blamed. According to the Dallas Morning News, Commissioner Miller told a reporter that someone on his staff copied and pasted the tweet without reviewing it.

"The campaign was retweeting information on Twitter today and inadvertently retweeted a tweet that they were not aware contained a derogatory term," Loeffler said. "The tweet was taken down as soon as possible. Commissioner Miller finds the term vulgar and offensive and apologizes to anyone who may have seen it."