KFYO News caught up with Tom Keisling who is running for the Director, At-Large position for the Lubbock County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, which is the board that oversees Buffalo Springs Lake.

Keisling, a retired businessman, said he has a vested interest in the lake's operation since he has a second home at Buffalo Springs Lake.

When asked what his number one issue of concern is, Keisling immediately brought up recently passed pay increases for the lake's board of directors, "Here a month or so ago, the board members, to my surprise, voted themselves a pay raise. I didn't even know they got paid to start with and I don't think its right. I think if you're going to serve on this board it's because you want to and because it's community service." Keisling went on to say that in his estimation, the pay raises could eat up to $50,000 per year out of the Buffalo Spring Lake operating budget. He also pledged to vote to repeal the pay for the board of the directors.

Keisling also stated that there needs to be more permanent restroom and shower facilities at Buffalo Springs Lake to handle the increased attendance at lake events.

The Director, At-Large race is a crowded one with seven different candidates: Keisling, Shirley Bland (incumbent), Molly Harris, Casey Williamson, Jennifer Ranger, Dane Church and Greg Thornton. This race is also a county-wide race for every voter in Lubbock County.

You can listen to Rob Snyder's full interview with Tom Keisling in the audio player below: