Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples is continuing his crusade against lax border security and human smuggling.

The sixth video of a 16-part series has been posted to the website ProtectYourTexasBorder.com. The videos, produced by the Department of Agriculture, feature interviews with Texas farmers, ranchers and law enforcement, with each of them telling their own personal stories about the border with Mexico.

Part 6 of the series features Brooks County farmer Mike Vickers.

Commissioner Staples on the website says,

"Until Washington stands beside us, Texas is prepared to take matters into its own hands to the fullest extent possible. Texas will fight and protect to the best of our ability, but a successful campaign to stop border violence will require Washington to acknowledge this threat as a national security issue and assign the appropriate resources to combat and defeat our enemies.

I can assure you a threat to our citizens and food supply is a threat to our national security."