The 90's were a great time for music and lots and lots of hair and my morning partner on KFMX, Wes Nessman and I were no exception in that we love music and we both had a LOT of hair!

This pic was taken around 1994 with the L.A. based band, 'Cool For August'. They were playing in Lubbock and came up to the studio for a visit.

So obviously, this was before the hair straighteners of today, and also at a time when animal print was hot.  The shirt I'm wearing in this pic was velour and I loved it!  Soft cheetah goodness. Wes is wearing a 'Honeyrods' shirt, which was another mid 90's band.

Cool For August has since broken up, but Wes and I are still doing our thing and as weird as it is, we're family now.  I married one of Wes's brothers and so Mr. Man and I are not just like brother and sister, we actually are now.  Life can be pretty funny.

Another funny thing I remember, specifically about the FMX kite in the background... we used it for the Buffalo Beano Kite Fly & Frisbee Fling.  The kite is huge and the day was extraordinarily windy, even for Lubbock.  Wes, Michael Xray, Heathen and I were holding the kite, ready to launch.  The guys stepped away from the kite and I was still holding it.  Well, not unlike Mary Poppins, I started going up with it.  I was freaking out, when all of a sudden, a feel a hand on my ankle, pulling me back to terra firma.  I looked down and there was Wes.  As always, keeping me grounded and pulling me back down to earth.  'Love that knucklehead.

We loved Buffalo Beano's on 8th & Univeristy, but more than that, we loved the owners, Gary and Karen King.  Gary passed away in 2012 and his gruff, yet loving demeanor, will be missed.