I have a confession to make. I’m a huge X-files fanatic. My love for the show also means I’ve warmed up to some of the themes carried by the series, such as…well…the existence of aliens. Or, more like the government cover up of the existence of aliens. So when I saw a story saying the FBI website had posted a memo proving that aliens exist, I got pretty excited.

You may think I’m crazy, or that it was some kind of sick late April Fool’s joke by a jerk at the FBI, but this is the real deal. We’ve all heard about Roswell and how the place got so…weird . If you’ve watched the History Channel, you’ve probably also heard about the big cover up that supposedly went down shortly after the “alien spaceship” crash. Well, turns out, the cover up seems to be real.

The FBI memo is posted in “The Vault” section of the website. Written in March of 1950, the report entitled ‘Flying Saucers,’ talks of three separate saucers that were found with small, dead humanoid creatures wearing bizarre clothing inside. You can read the official document here. Initial reports of this discovery shook up the entire region, however within 24 hours of the discovery, reports of the incident suspiciously ceased or became painfully vague. To this day, thousands believe government threats caused the sudden change in tune of the witnesses and press. However, it would seem that the discovery of this memo would prove everything conspiracists have campaigned for over the past five decades.

Now for some not-so-happy news. First of all, this isn’t something the FBI recently released. This has been out for years. The reason it’s gained so much attention is because of a British news organization that brought it to the attention of thousands earlier this month with a story posted online. Secondly, the FBI has posted a disclaimer before the report that basically says we can’t prove this is legitimate proof because the file is so old and “may no longer reflect the current beliefs, positions, opinions, or policies currently held by the FBI.”

So, all you high-and-mighty non-believers have some annoying points on your side. However, you can’t deny the report was legitimately made, and little humanoid creatures in odd outfits are pretty suspicious. To believers, this little memo is enough evidence to prove that the truth is out there, and that there could be something worth chasing.