Thanksgiving is the holiday that we are expected to gorge until we can hardly breathe and believe we can burn it all off shopping on Black Friday, right? Wrong!

We visited with Brenda Duby with United Supermarket families about a term rarely uttered around Thanksgiving: portion control.

Your first reaction, like mine, was probably, "Yeah, right!" But Brenda told us that based on our average Thanksgiving portions, we ingest almost 5,000 calories for just the one meal. That's not sampling beforehand and leftovers afterward.

When you think about it, that's more than the average daily intake for two days! For some it's closer to three days. So is there a way to enjoy the sumptuous foods of Thanksgiving and not feel bloated, tired and guilty? Brenda gave us a hearty yes.

It's all about portion control. Enjoy the turkey, but a serving about the size of a deck of cards. Include veggies, like salad, but not necessarily the green bean casserole. And about the size of a cupped handful.

Gravy needs to about the size of a golf ball, and potatoes need to stay within the range of half of a tennis ball sized. Use an ice scream scoop and just one for the dressing. Have bread, but only a serving about the size of a regular size bar of soap. Butter needs to be the size of one dice and cranberry sauce should, again, be about golf ball size.

You can have pie, but keep it the size of a regular light bulb and not the size of your outside search light.

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