I pride myself on being quite the Roshambo player, but never in a million years would I have tried to get out of a ticket from a police officer by offering up a duel in the game.

However, that appears to be exactly what helped a Snook, Texas teen get out of an underage drinking ticket at their recent Chilifest event.

According to UPI, an online outlet that prides itself on finding weird news stories, three officers working as security guards had the option of issuing either a warning or citation to the minor, but instead chose to let the girl play Rock, Paper Scissors instead.

Unfortunately for them, it was all captured on video.

By the way, the teen won with the legendary 'rock smashes scissors' move!

As punishment for their odd behavior, the officers (who were not identified by name) will not be allowed to work as security guards at future Chilifest events and face disciplinary action from their superiors.