A new ELS Language Center will be opening at Texas Tech this summer. The center will help teach English as a second language to incoming international students.

The center will be run by ELS Educational Services. The company will run the facility and not only teach classes to incoming grads and undergrads, but recruit international students as well.

Ambassador and vice provost for international affairs Tibor Nagy says Tech has had it's own English as a second language program for several years, but lacked resources to get the program accredited.

"ELS Educational Services is the premier program for (accreditation and resources), and they come with a global network of agents, offices and recruiters. In effect, they will be recruiting for us. I imagine our numbers of international students will be increasing, because they want to place their students with U.S. universities that house their programs.” Nagy said.

Tech is looking at boosting the student body to 10% international students. Right now the student body is comprised of about 5.6% international students, with most being graduate students. Across the country in the last 50 years, ELS has taught over 1 million international students the English language.

Students will begin ELS classes June 25th, paying ELS for the courses and housing. They'll pay Tech fees for access to places such as the rec center, Student Union Building, and the Library.