A program focusing on cotton has set a new attendance record.

The Texas International Cotton School, currently meeting in Lubbock, has 32 students, and about half of which are from 12 countries around the world. This is the 22nd session of the school, which covers all aspects of cotton, from the field to the fabric.

The school is a collaboration between the Texas cotton merchants who make up the Lubbock Cotton Exchange and the faculty and staff of the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute of Texas Tech.

Lubbock Cotton Exchange President Arwin Johnson discussed the program, saying “Students from all over the world come to Lubbock to learn the aspects of cotton marketing and to become better acquainted with Texas Cotton.”

Students learn about cotton marketing, attributes of cotton fibers, production, merchandising, and textile manufacturing from 31 experts across the country. The program takes two weeks to complete.