On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, guest host Ysidro Gutierrez spoke with Texas House District 83 candidate Dustin Burrows in studio about his campaign for the Texas House of Representatives.

Burrows is one of many candidates running for the position that had been vacated by Representative Charles Perry. Perry is currently in the running for the Texas State Senate District 23 seat.

Burrows and Ysidro talked about a number of topics, and took several telephone calls. One of the topics they discusses was illegal immigration and border security. Burrows explained that he is not anti-immigration, but that immigration should be more tightly controlled, and that a nation without borders in no nation at all. Burrows also spoke about the encroachment of federal laws on the rights and freedoms of individual citizens, saying that there are simply too many laws in place, which make it difficult for the average citizen to be law-abiding.

"...and I think everybody I know wants to be a law abiding, and regulatory compliant person. We need to make sure our laws are simple to understand, attainable, and there's not so many of them on the books that people have to go hire a lawyer like me to figure out how they can be lawful. There's something fundamentally wrong with that."

Burrows also discusses education reform, state's rights and took several listener calls over water rights. Listen to the complete interview with Dustin Burrows here:

Mobile device listeners can listen to the interview by following this link: KFYO Dustin Burrows 073114

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