On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Governor of Texas.

Abbott has been traveling all across Texas, including here in Lubbock, talking about education and the changes that need to take place. Abbott said that the state cannot have a "cookie cutter" approach to education, and needs to start embracing multiple pathways for students to succeed, whether that be through public school and college, or private school and workforce training. He also added one of the biggest requests he's heard from educators is for the government to return "local control" to the teachers and stop forcing hem to teach to the test.

Abbott also spoke about the problems with his competitor, Wendy Davis's, educational plan. He said the government should not be dictating the path a student takes to succeed in school, and not every child should be forced to go to college. He went on to say that Davis has had issues with "fuzzy math" before, as in rolling out programs without mentioning or knowing how much it would all cost.

For more information on Greg Abbott and his campaign for Governor of Texas, visit his website at gregabbott.com.

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KFYO Greg Abbott 01/16/14

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