Thursday on the Chad Hasty Show, Chad spoke with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott about his new ethics and privacy campaigns, as well as his intentions to be hands-on governor.

Abbott began by describing his desire to help increase ethical activity among policy makers. He wants to "re-emphasize that people who hold public office, hold a public trust." He wants more transparency in fundraising and donations for campaigns, showing where money comes from and other motives. Because this campaign may not be too popular among other politicians, Abbott said he is relying on "the people of the state of Texas, who insist that they want more transparency and more solid ethics..."

In addition to his ethics campaign, Abbott is making a proposal for greater privacy for citizens. He wants to make efforts to more clearly define what belongs to an individual and how much of that anyone else should have access to without consent. He wants to require companies to alert individuals (or make a request) when using or selling their personal information.

Finally, Abbott discussed how he will be a more hands-on governor. He said, "I will be a very hands-on governor." He plans to roll out more details of forming policies and plans "to keep Texas on track." Abbott concluded with a list of values he holds to the state of Texas.

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