On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Attorney General candidate Dan Branch spoke with Chad Hasty about the progress of his campaign.

Branch and his opponent Ken Paxton are now in a runoff for Texas Attorney General after the results of this month's primary elections came out. He said that, despite some pressure for him to drop out of the race, he has no intention of dropping out.

Branch said that, more so than a strong conservative candidate, Texas need someone who is qualified to run for Attorney General, and that his long history of conservative action more than qualifies him for the job. When asked if Ken Paxton was qualified to be Texas Attorney General, Branch responded that Paxton wouldn't even qualify for the deputy positions.

"Hasty: It sounds as though that you're saying that your opponent is not qualified to be Texas Attorney General. Is that what you're saying?
Branch: I don't think he would make a long list for one of the deputy positions, let alone for the office of Attorney General."

Branch also responded to criticism he received about an amendment he supported that would have allowed for third term abortions. He stated that he was staunchly pro-life with numerous pro-life groups vouching for him, and that the whole issue was just mudslinging by his opponent.

Early voting for the runoff election begins May 19th, and Election Day in May 27th. For more information on Dan Branch and his campaign for Texas Attorney General, visit his website at danbranch.com.

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