On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Agriculture Commissioner candidate Sid Miller spoke with Chad Hasty about the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) attempt to seize land in Texas.

The BLM, which was responsible for the conflict over the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, is now looking to claim 90,000 acres of land along the Texas-Oklahoma border and take that land out of production. According to Miller, The BLM is using a 30-year old case, where they took 140 acres from a Texas landowner, as a precedent to claim this additional land.

Miller was one of the first to bring this issue to light, and since then, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst have both become involved in stopping the BLM from seizing this land. Miller says that this is a clear example of why government overreach is so threatening to Texas framers.

"What [the BLM] is doing up there is simply government overreach. I go around the state and people ask me, "What's the greatest threat to the American farmer and rancher?"And of course, we're going through a 4-year drought and that's tough and water's a big issue in Texas. But the biggest threat to the American farmer and rancher is an overreaching federal government."

Miller went on to say that if the BLM does claim this land, it will create a huge negative ripple effect for all of Texas. As for what the BLM would actually do with that land, Miller predicted they would do what they do with all the land they've claimed - nothing.

For more information on Sid Miller and his campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, visit his website at millerfortexas.com. Early voting for the state runoff elections will start on Monday, May 19th, and election day is May 27th.

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