A Houston state senator won’t make a run for the U.S. Senate.

Dan Patrick announced Wednesday that he will run again for Senate District 7, the seat which he has held since 2007.

Patrick outlined his reasons for not running, saying “It’s not about races I can win or want to win; it’s about where I can best serve Texas.”

He said that he will not endorse any candidate in the U.S. Senate Republican primary, and will seriously consider running for Lieutenant Governor.

The note which Patrick released on Facebook is featured below.

It's not about races I can win or want to win; it's about where I can best serve Texas.

Since the end of special session I have spent considerable time exploring the possibility of running for the U.S. Senate.  I have taken part in numerous debates and talked with people across the state from all walks of life.  I have been humbled by the almost universal support of conservatives everywhere to run for the U.S. Senate.

I believe I would have a strong probability of making the run-off and eventually winning the race. However, politics should not be about what office I want to win, or believe I can win.  It’s never been about a job, a title, or a political career for me. It’s about being where I can best serve Texas and where I can have the most impact for conservative principles.

Two other factors have played a major part in my decision.  Voters are concerned about losing a conservative voice in the Texas Senate.  While they would support me for the U.S. Senate, they have encouraged me to stay in the Texas Senate and run statewide in 2014.  Their counsel has played a major part in my decision.

Another important factor in my decision is the real possibility that the Texas Senate could select the next Lt Governor and Governor. I want to be sure conservatives have a strong voice in that selection.

Despite the great attraction of serving in the U.S. Senate, I believe I can best serve my conservative principles and have the most impact in the Texas Senate. Therefore, unless something unforeseen happens in the current field of candidates, creating a situation where we do not have a qualified conservative candidate, I will not run for the United States Senate.

I will seek re-election for Senate District 7 and begin my campaign today, September 7, the exact day I first announced my run for the Texas Senate in 2005.  It’s my daughter’s birthday.  I will not endorse any candidate in the U.S. Senate Republican primary, but will be ready to help the winner in the general election.

As for the future, I will give the opportunity to run for Lt. Governor serious consideration. It’s a long time between now and the 2014 primary. However, with three candidates already announced, raising money, and gathering endorsements, I realize I cannot wait until after the next session to make that decision.

For now I am going to focus my time on my election and getting Rick Perry elected President of the United States.