On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show Charles Perry, state representative for District 83, talked with guest hosts Carl Tepper and Cole Shooter about sequestration.

Sequestration is a mandatory 10% cut across all areas of discretionary federal spending, and will occur If the Republicans and Democrats cannot reach a solution to reducing the national debt. Perry is a member of the State Board Sequestration Committee, and said the committee is focused on 2 tasks. The first task is determine what will happen to Texas is sequestration does take effect. The second task involved being proactive in the areas that will be the most affected by sequestration.

Perry noted that since we've become so reliant on the government and their benefit programs, it may be necessary for the government to "implode" on itself and rebuild from scratch. However, he said that, if we do indeed reach sequestration, it could take as long as 20 years to rebuild.