It looks like you can count State Representative Jim Landtroop as being one of those backing Governor Rick Perry's campaign for President.

This morning on Landtroop's Facebook campaign page he posted a link to a blog he wrote yesterday where Landtroop laid out four reasons why he was excited that Perry jumped in.

I am excited about the 2012 Presidential election for several reasons now that our Governor hopped into the race.

First, Rick Perry is a proven conservative – he doesn’t just talk like one, he leads like one. I do not agree with everything he has done, and will be the first to say he has made some mistakes, but show me anyone in a position of leadership for any length of time that hasn’t.

Second, he has a proven track record of creating jobs, which is something our country desperately needs. In fact, Texas has created more jobs in the last ten years under his leadership than the other 49 states combined. Perry understands that government is the problem – not the solution, and if the government will get out of the way, people will flourish.

Third, he served his country in the Air Force, earning his wings right here in House District 85 at the Air Force base in Big Spring. He is a proud American that sees the United States as the greatest country God gave man, and will not apologize for our exceptionalism. He understands the military and will be a great Commander in Chief.

And finally – he is a TEXAN. Of course, every state wants the President to be from their state, and we should be no different. As a State Representative (and fifth generation Texan) myself, I would love to serve my state and country under the leadership of a strong, conservative Texan.

Here in Texas, we have shown the country how to govern right. Now we may have the opportunity to have a Texan in the highest office in the land. Maybe then, we can finally take our country back.

I look forward to hearing from our other area Representatives to see how they feel about Rick Perry running for President.