This is an interesting list. I was kind of looking for folks who were known for a little bit more than music. That's why you won't find Paul McCartney or Cher on this list.

Even though a couple of people on this list are associated with music, their celebrity status has reached beyond their bands and into the worlds of fashion, social justice and supermarket tabloids.

These are people who are recognized worldwide, and they all stopped by Lubbock.

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    Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew McConaughey has had a crazy, but great career. It even looked like he was going to fade from the A-List, but he came back even stronger.

    Matthew came to town for a Texas Tech-UT football game. He stayed in town that night to visit local Halloween attraction Nightmare on 19th Street dressed as Zorro. It was said that Sandra Bullock was his date that night and she dressed as Little Bo Peep, but I can't confirm that 100 percent.

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    Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves may have dodged bullets in The Matrix Trilogy, but he dodged a whole bunch of criticism as the bass player in the band called Dogstar.

    Many thought when the band booked an opening slot in Lubbock that a fill-in bass player would be utilized. But lo and behold, Keanu was there in flesh.

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    U2 played Lubbock on their "Boy" tour. The played a small, but legendary club called The Rox.

    It was an exciting time, and U2 at the time was seen as no bigger or better than their contemporaries The Clash or any other new wave/punk band that had played there.

    U2 still plays the world's largest stadiums, and Bono remains a very outspoken activist.

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    Will Smith

    Big Willie has hit the Hub City at least once. Will was in town to support his wife's heavy metal band Wicked Wisdom. The actor sat upstairs at what was then known as South Beach (now the location of the Buddy Holly Statue) and was quite nice to anyone one who dropped by and said 'hi.'

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    Gwen Stefani

    Rockers like to just write Gwen Stefani off as a pop singer, but once you've launched a fashion line and are on TV three nights a week ("The Voice"), you earn your place on this list.

    Stefani is an icon and one of the most well known women in America.  Stefani brought No Doubt through town on tour opening for Bush, Staind and (I believe) Cold.

    She then visited Lubbock at least one other time when her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale brought Bush back through town.

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    Elvis Presley

    This list just didn't feel right without Elvis on it.

    Elvis was much more than a musician. He was a TV and movie star, an icon and, on occasion, a punchline. Elvis played Lubbock in the early days and as late as 1976.

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