As Cole Shooter reports, the Lubbock City Council will consider moving the Godeke Library from Slide Road to 5034 Frankford. That location is the old Luskey's/Ryon's building. The City would not buy the building but instead lease it.

The monthly rent at the current Godeke location is $25,000 per month, and rent at the new location would be $6,315 per month through August of 2016.

In the commercial lease agreement with the Luskey Brothers that the Council will consider, the rent would increase to $9,472.50 per month from September 2016 through August of 2019.

If approved by the Council, the lease would become active on September 1st, 2014.

Do you think the Lubbock City Council should lease this location? Or should they wait and buy a location and run the risk of not having a library in Southwest Lubbock for a period of time?